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The Dietmar Nill Tripod Head Aluminum Perfection

The tripod head desingned by Dietmar Nill, one of Germany‘s top nature photographers, is built to uphold his uncompromising professional standards. It‘s intuitive and predictable handling make it the perfect partner for all kinds of photography.

Go with the flow of a Dietmar Nill Tripod Head an it‘s easy to capture the sweeping dynamic movement characteristic of action-packed animal photography. Aim-and-shoot proficiency, breeze-like panning and quick-look/ release mechanisms highlight it‘s unique design. Another choice feature allows the photographer to mount two cameras on a single tripod and take strategic „bifocal“ shots from the camouflage tent. Long exposure photography can be perfectly executed and unwiedy telephoto lenses become a snap to handle with this versatile tripod head.
The Dietmar Nill Tripod Head and full accessory package: a superior value which echoes the needs of the photographer, particularly the photographer afield.

Quality Features

- All-in-one design: only the Nill-tilt head (not a ballhead plus a video tilt head) is required to get optimum results- whether for landscape photography, macro photography or when using large telephoto lenses. Super speedy, jerk-and vibration-free performance -even with heavy telephoto equipment - and so a pan-action photographer‘s dream (camera/lens unit locks near the center of gravity providing top-notch balance)
- Simultaneous, two -camera photography possible from a single tripod
- Standard type Arca-Swiss quick -release camera and or lens mounting system with interchangeable mounting plates for quick-change-artist shots and all around versatility
- Convenient and practical mounting plate removal - loosened with the twist of a coin (approximately 2 cm in diameter)
- Arca- Swiss mounting clamp can be used as a base for making fine adjustments in macro photography
- Camera and lens easily swing from horizontal to vertical format positions and back again on the tripod‘s inner U-bar
- Secure horizontal and vertical camera body positioning without requiring a lens bracket
- Cast from a single piece of light- weight anodized aluminium (approximately 1000 grams)
- Space-saving design making it ideal for travel photography
- Solid, durable and easy to maintain for rugged outdoor dependability
- Comprehensive accessory package: Arca-Swiss quick-release mounting clamp with 3 camera/lens mounting plates- 60mm, 108 mm and 155 mm.
- Perfect for employing spotting scopes
- Excellent cost / performance ratio
- Five year warrenty on all parts
- Made in Germany


The new EX (Extended) version has a lower balance point. So it’s easier to balance lenses with very large focal lengths.



Classic 600,- € with 3 plates
EX 700,- € with 3 plates


You can also buy the tripod head without plates:


Classic 480,- €
EX 580,- €

The prize for the tripod heads is without 19% Tax and shipping coasts




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